Hole-by-Hole Gallery

Course architect, Bob Von Hagge & Bruce Devlin were never offered a more beautiful site in their worldwide 
design commissions than the rolling hills at Crockett Springs. Now, the hills are alive with golf. Iron shots and 
putts are fired with the same intensity and accuracy as the musketballs and arrows leveled on this exact site 
when it was settled in 1786 by Davy Crockett's family.

The challenge of our course is evident in its differing personalities. It can be rewarding yet demanding, even 
smiling and tempting when addressed from the membership tees. However, a sleeping giant is awakened when 
the more adventurous low handicap golfer moves back to the tournament or U. S. Open tees with tournament pin 
placements on the contoured greens.

With our commitment to a limited membership starting times are not required. The only distraction you may 
experience on the course is waiting for several deer and their fawns to cross the fairway, bob white quail 
calling their mates or pausing to watch a flock of Canadian honkers or mallards pitch in on the course lakes
signaling the change of season.

Nashville Golf & Athletic Club received national acclaim when our Signature Par 3, hole number 6 was selected 
by Sports Illustrated as one of the 18 greatest golf holes in the country. Golf Digest "USGA rankings list of
hardest U.S. courses" we are listed at #16 in the country.


This elevated tee affords the luxury for a view of miles of Tennessee countryside as well as the view of this Par 5 and the course lakes in the foreground. The green is reached in two shots more often than any other par 5. Your drive should be placed right center of the fairway for proper position of the second shot. A large, solitary cherry tree must be avoided on the left and a long fairway bunker on the right demands a true second shot. Second shots frequently continue over a slight rise in the fairway and leave short iron shots into the green. There is a tiny passageway between two bunkers at the front of the green. There is a trap at the rear of the green and the decided slope on the right can add to the player's problems if the shot does not land softly on the green. Three good golf shots are rewarded with short birdie putts.