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Membership Information


Regular Membership

Dues $445 /month
Initiation $18,000
(Pmt Option of $3,000 annually for 6 yrs)

Each Membership is provided full access to the club’s facilities and offerings with no restrictions or minimums to Tee Times, Restaurant Activity or Practice Facility (with the obvious exception to notified functions or temporary closings). All children are under the named member’s account until their 25th birthday.

Junior Membership
(35 & Under)

Dues $320 /month
Initiation $8,000
(Pmt Option of $2,000 for 4 Years)

Junior members will have same privileges as a Regular Membership. Upon their 35th birthday they will then fall under the “Regular Membership." As long as the Initiation Fee is paid in full prior to the 35th birthday, you will not be required to pay the remaining balance of the “Regular Membership” Initiation Fee.

Junior members also may bring out Accompanied Guests at a reduce guest fee and a cart only fee for Guests under the age of 18.

Corporate Membership
(Minimum 3 Individuals)

Dues $445 /month
Initiation $8,000
(Pmt Option of $2,000 for 4 years per individual)

Each named member under the Corporate account is a Full Member with all the same privileges as an “Regular Membership." Corporate Membership requires a minimum of 3 employees to be formed and held.


Dues $320 /month
Initiation $8,000
(Pmt Option of $2,000 for 4 years per individual)

Includes full golf and clubhouse privileges for each individual in the member's immediate family. Non-resident Members must have their primary place of residence a minimum of 75 miles from the Club.

We also have special categories for Active Clergy members as well as Senior memberships (based on length of tenure with the club in addition to age requirements).

All listed Dues & Initiation are subject to TN Sales Tax and is not included in the published amounts. Nashville Golf & Athletic Club will increase monthly dues by an anticipated 1-3% annually to adjust for inflation.


Group Outings

We also would be happy to host larger groups and smaller outings as needed when advanced notice is given. Corporate and Limited Corporate companies would be given priority and special consideration on pricing in comparison to non-affiliated businesses.

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